Freshly Made in Los Angeles

Fresh Ingredients

Our brownies are made exclusively with the highest quality paleo ingredients. Because we are incredibly proud of every ingredient we put in our brownies, we'd love to tell you all about them:


Grass Fed Whey Protein

The signature ingredient in our brownie is protein that comes from grass fed, pasture raised cows in New Zealand.


Coconut Oil

Naturally high in MCT oils, this brain-boosting ingredient is among the best superfoods in nature.


Organic Almonds

Our almond butter is made exclusively from pure whole almonds, with nothing else added ever!


Cassava Root

Our incredible fiber comes from pure cassava root.


100% Cacao Chocolate 

Naturally high in antioxidants, our dark chocolate is made entirely of 100 percent cacao, with absolutely no sugar, no soy lecithin and no oil added!


Organic Dates

We purchase our delicious organic dates from our local farmers at Oasis Date Gardens, located right here in sunny California.


Organic Cocoa 


Our rich, organic cocoa gives our brownies their deep chocolatey color and taste, with nothing artificial ever!


Sunflower Lecithin

Nearly every brownie you'll find on the market has soy lecithin in it. But we achieve our incredibly delicious chocolate texture through using a lecithin derived from sunflower instead.... making it healthy, delicious and totally soy free!


The sweetness in our brownie comes entirely from a dash of delicious stevia -- derived from the whole leaves of the stevia plant.


Pink Himalayan Salt

Delicious and pure, our pink salt comes straight from the Himalayas.


Taste our incredible ingredients today.